Friday, November 14, 2014

Free Tools for Students

Hello fellow FCHD grad students! Being a student has its perks. We mostly make our own hours, our families don't expect much interaction from us, places give us discounts on food, we get to see each other around campus, and we get to learn from our amazing professors. It's a good life. 

Well, there are a few reasons being a student is even more awesome now than ever before and those reasons all center around technology. I've found a few free software downloads and resources that may be able to relieve some stress, especially since we need these programs for much of our coursework.

Microsoft Office 365

Did you know that students can now download and use Microsoft Office 365 for free? You can now! Visit for more info or to download. You can keep Office (which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on your computer for free for as long as you are a student. You may download either the PC or Mac versions of Office.


As students we can access SPSS or SAS through University servers from where ever we want. If you're visiting family for the holidays, but your major professor needs you to run a quick multivariate regression even though you only have statistical software on your office computer, on campus, three states away, there's no reason to have an anxiety attack and drop out of school. Go to to access the University servers (through Citrix Receiver) and use SPSS, SAS, and others. It does take a little work to find the files you want to work from once you're in, but it's completely doable. This works for both PC's and Macs.

Google Drive and

Cloud storage restraints got you down? Maxed out Dropbox? There are two solutions. Google now offers unlimited storage for students. You can access your bottomless Drive through aggiemail. The University has made a deal with and students and faculty now have up to 100 GB of free storage available through Learn more about setting up your Box account here: Box@USU FAQ

If you know of any other great tools for your fellow students, let us know in the comments or post on our Facebook page.

Have a safe day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Share your research

Our grad students here in the FCHD department do a lot of amazing things!  We want to see some of what you've done in your time here so that we can brag about your accomplishments.

Send citations, pdfs of your papers and posters, and/or pictures to and we will share them here on the blog so you can get the recognition you deserve.

Brionne & Tasha presenting at the USU Graduate Research Symposium, April 2014.

Friday, September 12, 2014

All of us here at FCHD Grad want to congratulate all of our students on surviving the first three weeks of school. It's always rough to get back into the swing of things after summertime. To all of our new students, we hope you've had a chance to explore Cache Valley. Over the summer we asked around to discover some of the best places to go in the valley for food, fun, and any of your other needs. Here's what we learned:


There are several options for groceries in Logan and the surrounding towns. We have Lee's, Walmart, Natural Grocers, and Sam's Club at the north end of town. At the south end of town, you'll find Macey's and Walmart. In the center of town, and just down the street from the University, you'll find Macey's and Smith's. Where you shop largely depends on the sort of shopping experience you are looking for and the groceries you need.

Just last month, Macey's Logan (49 E 400 N) began offering a student discount. Students who are members of the Macey's Perks program (you can sign up in the store or online) can get 5% off their total grocery purchase in addition to coupons and sale prices.


Logan boast many restaurants and eateries with food choices from around the world. Most of the major national chains have an eatery here and there are many wonderful local spots.

The Crepery

The Crepery offers both sweet and savory crepes freshly made just for you. These things are delicious! Located at 540 S Main Street in Logan, this locally owned house of amazingness is a great place to go with friends for a coffee and a sweet treat or for a quick dinner date with someone special. 


Sometimes classic diner food just hits the spot. Angie's offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. At Angie's breakfast is served anytime, so you can have your stack of pancakes after your 3:30 to 6:00 pm class. Angie's is located at 690 N Main Street in Logan.

The Beehive Grill

Food, gelato, and root beer. Need we say more? Find it at 255 South Main Street in Logan. 


While Logan may not be known as the fun capital of the world, there are plenty of things you can do around here for entertainment. 

Hiking and Biking

We are surrounded by mountains and a short drive can get you to some excellent trails for hiking or biking. If you're not sure where to go, ask around because most people are happy to share their favorites.


There are a few movie theaters scattered throughout the valley. Watch new releases at any of the Megaplex theaters. For a cheaper option, look no further than the Cinefour at 2297 N Main Street in Logan.


If you're interested in the Arts and live performances there are plenty of choices both on campus and off. Follow this link to learn more about the different options around the valley:

And More!

This wasn't a complete list of everything to do in Logan, these were some suggestions from people in the department. We encourage you to ask around and explore on your own to discover some of your own favorite places to go (besides the Family Life building).

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Looking for Participants for the Connecting Generations Project

We love promoting the research going on in our department. Our very own Beth, Troy, and Wade are working on a project called the Connecting the Generations Project. They are looking for teens (aged 13 to 23 years old) to complete eight 30 minute activities over the internet with their grandparents. More info can be found here:

Please feel free to pass the link on to anyone you may think would be interested in participating.

Monday, June 16, 2014

New Addition

We want to extend a warm welcome to a new addition to the FCHD grad family. Congratulations to our very own Rachel Williams and her husband Topher on the birth of their new baby boy, Maxwell!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

End of the Year

Holy Macaroni! 
Can you believe we are at the end of a school year?  Time flies when you're having fun...and writing papers...and learning statistics...and analyzing data...and all the other fun things we do!  :) 

Congratulations to all of our students who are graduating!  We wish you the best and know you will be successful!  We look forward to seeing and working with the rest of you in the fall.  Go Aggies!

Here are some pictures from our closing BBQ!  It was quite the success.  Thank you to everyone who came, helped, and filled in at the grill.  We really couldn't have done it without our AMAZING FCHD graduate student council-Wade Stewart, Tasha Olson, Bryan Spuhler, Daily Johnson, and Ty Aller!  Thank you for all you have done this year.  Thank you for everyone supporting the event and making it so much fun!  Check out the pictures---FCHD is a fun place to be!!!

Have a great summer!
Who is winning???

Wii know how to party!!!

Big thanks to all our "grill masters!"

Scot LOVES getting his picture taken...especially when he has crazy students acting like this...  :)

Sorry it's blurring but I had to include a picture of these ladies!!!

Dr. Fauth showing around some FCHD grad school prospective students!  Hope they were impressed!

Good times!


Monday, April 14, 2014


Do you want to make a difference for the future of the FCHD graduate program?
We are looking to fill the 
FCHD graduate student senate representative
 positions for the 2014-2015 school year. 

This is a great way to get involved, 

broaden experience, work with faculty,

and improve the experience for 

graduate students in the FCHD department. 

Each year, one master’s student and one doctoral student are elected as graduate student senate representatives.  The main responsibilities include:

  • Work as liaison between faculty and graduate students (includes attending faculty meetings)
  • Represent the FCHD department in the College of Education
  • Plan two graduate socials each semester
  • Updating the graduate student blog and Facebook page
  • Assist with prospective and new student orientation

There is a small stipend attached to the representatives’ positions.  It is also a great resume builder. 
And best of all….IT IS FUN!!!

If you are interested, or know of someone who you would like to represent you, send your nominations (you can nominate yourself) to Dr. Randy Jones ( by April 23!!!